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New lamp take 2:  Desk lamp
So you said to yourself that the last lamp looked nice, simple, but nice.  Ok, maybe you're right.  How about I kick it up a notch?  BAM!

Online Store pricing example: $15 (LEGO parts not included)

At home with Han...err, new table lamp
Posted 11-1-2007
I finally decided to start making accessories for the new LifeLites line of products.  I'll be showing the test results here before we go live and make these available on the LifeLites site.  If interested in this or any mods you see here, just let me know.  I also take custom orders.

Online Store pricing example: $15 (LEGO parts not included)

USB Thumb Drive ala Minifig
Let's go for something different!  Say, a USB thumb drive inside a minifig?  OK!  How about an activity light in the chest?  OK!

Online Store pricing example: $40 for 2MB (LEGO parts not included)

MaxiMod: Custom LEGO Table Lamp

Posted 8-16-2007
I've been redecorating my new office at work recently and had brought some things from home to display around the room.  Needing more light in one particular area of the room and having the parts onhand, I decided to make this nifty table lamp from one of those 8in x 8in LEGO boxes.  I like it!

Online Store pricing example: not available for purchase

LifeLites Update
Posted 06-
LifeLites eLite is the flagship product of the new micro lighting solutions slated for release August 2007.  More information can be found on the LifeLites website.

Online Store pricing example: Available from http://www.lifelites.com

Posted 10-19-2006
All the mods from the past


Non-LEGO Mod: Archives
Posted 10-28-2006
World's First and Fastest brushless motor Radio Shack Xmod.