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Customer: T Hohman
Posted 08-16-2007
Project: Limited Edition LEGO C3PO

Online Store pricing example: $20 (minifig not included)

Customer: M Marquez
Posted 06-06-2007
Project: Superman Crystals

Online Store pricing example: $40 (LEGO parts not included)

Customer: C Cody

Posted 04-14-2007
Project: Star Wars Characters

Online Store pricing example: $20 to $25 each (minifig not included)


Customer: M Marquez
Posted 03-23-2007
Updated 04-04-2007
Project: Various Comic Book Heroes

Online Store pricing example: $20 (minifig not included)

Posted 10-13-2006
Updated 11-03-2007

Customer: K Peterson

Customer: L Hoffman

Customer: M Crowley

Customer: P Reid


Customer: A Drake


Customer: T Lehman


Customer: M Sandlin


Customer: J Davis

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