PostLite Kit - Flickering Flame

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Light up your city streets!

The postLite kit is ready to shine in your town with its new LED cable design and 2-piece post! We've made a special cable for lamp post which will daisy-chain without the need for a separate expander board. The cable has a 3 inch LED cable (LED color: warm white) that is attached to a 12 inch extension cable. How's that for simple!

You can daisy chain up to 16 postLite LED cables from one power source (Battery Box, elite Basic). Do Not daisy chain more than 4 postLite LED cables per eLite Jr. or eLite Advanced output.


Kit includes:
1 - White Lamp Post
1 - 12 inch postLite LED Cable
1 - 2xAAA battery box type 2
LED Color: Amber Flickering Flame

Price: $6.99