NanoLite Kit

Let's go smaller!
Announcing the smallest LifeLites ever! The NanoLite kit is a 15x15mm lighting controller with included NanoLite LED cables for even smaller builds! The NanoLite MCU boasts four outputs for NanoLite LED cables (included) and uses two CR1225 batteries (included). Battery holder comes with 3M adhesive for permanent attachment to your creations (attachment to LEGO 2x2 tile shown for reference; tile not included). Final product design may vary from one pictured.

NanoLite only, (not eLite)

Product includes:
1 - NanoLite MCU
4 - NanoLite LED cables
2 - CR1225 battery
LED color:  White 

NanoLite LED cables sold separately.
LEGO tile as shown in picture is not included.

Special note:
NanoLite products are NOT compatible with eLite products.

Instruction manual: [link]

Price: $19.99