StudLite 1x6 - Red

Standard 3mm LED won't fit? Having a hard time fitting the wiring in a tight place? Try a StudLite! The studLite 1x6 features a flat flexible design with two tiny 1.6 mm × 0.8 mm LEDs. The LED ends will fit in a 5 mm stud connection and the flat design allows the StudLite to bend around corners, straddle studs, and fit between your building elements.

The StudLite 1x6 is intended for use as head lights and tail lights of your 6 stud wide vehicular type creations and features 2 LEDs situated six studs apart on flexible FPC with two 4 inch cables to connect to your favorite LifeLites eLite products.


Accessory Includes:
1 - StudLite 1x6 with 4 inch cables
LED Color: Red

Special Note:
Due to the fragile nature of the thin circuit board material used in this product, please use EXTREME caution when handling it to avoid tearing or breakage.

Price: $4.99