ModuLite RGB Kit

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We've taken the ModuLite to the next level!

Tired of those boring normal colors that our regular ModuLites come in? No problem! How about purple? Pink? Orange? OK! Change the color of the ModuLite RGB LED in the kit to one of 16 different colors with the included infrared wireless remote!

Each ModuLite RGB kit comes with one receiver unit with RGB LED, two add-on RGB units, two 4 conductor interconnect cables, and a battery box. Additional add-on units can be added by daisy chaining units together for more modularity! Add-on units sold separately.

Functions, colors and patterns accessible from the included remote:

  • Static red
  • Static green
  • Static blue
  • Static white
  • Static orange
  • Static light green
  • Static dark blue
  • Static dark yellow
  • Static cyan
  • Static pink
  • Static yellow
  • Static light blue
  • Static purple
  • Static light yellow
  • Static sky blue
  • Static magenta
  • Brightness up
  • Brightness down
  • Pattern 1: 7-color Flash
  • Pattern 2: White Fading Flash
  • Pattern 3: 7-color Fading Flash
  • Pattern 4: Red/Blue/Green Flash
  • Pattern speed up
  • Pattern speed down

Here's a video rundown of the included special functions!

Special notes:

  • This product is not compatible and will not interconnect with any other LifeLites eLite products EXCEPT the ModuLite RGB Add-on unit.
  • This product could act sporadically if rechargeable batteries are used or voltages become less than 2.6 volts.
  • Batteries not included.

ModuLite RGB

Kit includes:
1 - ModuLite RGB Master Unit
2 - ModuLite RGB Slave Unit
2 - 6 inch 4 conductor interconnect cables
1 - 2xAAA battery box
1 - 24 button remote with battery

Instruction Manual: [link]

Price: $24.99