9v Power Adapter

The eLite 9v Power Adapter will allow you to use your Modulites, eLite Basic, eLite Advanced, or even LED cables with the LEGO® 9v system. This product includes a 12 inch jumper cable and will work with most eLite products such as eLite Basic, eLite Advanced, Simplites, Modulites, LED Cables, or eLitesabers. eLite Basic, LED cable, or LEGO battery box as shown in photos are not included.

eLite (except Jr), ModuLite, ModuLite RGB, PostLite

Kit Includes:
1 - 9v Power Adapter MCU
1 - 12 inch jumper cable

LEGO Compatibility:
9v system including 1x9v battery box, 6xAAA battery box, Train Speed Regulator, RCX, and all 2x2 9v Connectors.

Price: $12.99