eLite Jr. Signature Kit

Our best selling product! We've updated the eLite Jr. to make it even better than before! The eLite Jr. Signature Series boasts many upgrades from its older sibling including:

Easier to use interface!
We made the eLite Jr. Signature Series a breeze to operate with a simplified control scheme. Use one button to turn it on and off, and use the other button to change the flashing patterns!

Our Favorite Flashing Patterns!
We've picked through the long list of available patterns from all eLite Jr. kits and selected our favorite ones specifically for the eLite Jr. Signature! There is a total of 32 different variations of the included 10 main patterns! Here's the extensive list of what you'll get:

  • All On with 4 selectable brightness levels
  • Chase with 3 selectable speeds
  • Ping Pong with 3 selectable speeds
  • Alternate Triple Flash with 3 selectable speeds
  • Random Machine Gun with 3 selectable speeds
  • Aircraft Navigation Lights with 3 selectable speeds
  • Progressive Sign with 3 selectable speeds
  • Lighthouse Fade with 2 selectable speeds on 2 different patterns
  • Fire with 3 selectable speeds
  • Arc Welder with 3 selectable speeds

eLite Jr.

Product identification:
Black housing with buttons labeled "A" and "B" on black plate
(Blue housings are not available at this time)

Kit includes:
1 - eLite Jr. with Signature Series Program Number 1
4 - 6 inch LED cables
1 - CR1225 battery
LED color:  White 

Special note:
Due to the compact design and small battery of the eLite Jr. architecture, it is recommended to only use the LED cables that come with the kit. Using other colors or types of eLite LED cables may give undesirable results.

Instruction manual: [link]

Replacement Battery: [link]

Price: $19.99