LED Cable Identification

For the past few months, we have been rolling out new and improved LED cables to make LED color identification easier for you! Identification can be sorted out on most cables by the color of the heat shrink we use on the LED end of the cable. Here's a quick list to help you sort out which colors and styles of [standard 6 inch or 12 inch] LED cables you may have.

Heat Shrink Color = LED Color/Type

Black or Black/Black = unidentified LED color/type (older LED cable type)
Blue or Blue/Blue = Blue
Blue/Black = Flashing Blue
Blue/Green = Flashing Multicolor
Green or Green/Green = Green
Green/Black = Flashing Green
Orange or Orange/Orange = Orange
Red or Red/Red = Red
Red/Black = Flashing Red
Red/Blue = Flashing Red and Blue
White or White/White = White
White/Black = Flashing White
Yellow or Yellow/Yellow = Yellow
Yellow/Black = Flashing Yellow
Yellow/Orange = Flickering Yellow
Yellow/White = Warm White