eLite Advanced 2 Instructions (extended version)

Here’s an extended guide on using your Advanced 2.0. First, to reset the unit, follow this procedure and the program number will be reset to 1-1 (all lights on):

1. Turn power off (battery box)
2. Press and hold user input button on bottom of MCU (main control unit)
3. Turn power on (battery box)
4. Release user input button (main control unit)

All lights that are plugged in should now be ON.


The row of 2 lights at the opposite end from the power sockets are “LED1” and “LED2”. This is important because those two LEDs give visual feedback when you are accessing different patterns.
LED1 corresponds to the left-hand digit in a pattern number, and LED2 corresponds to the right-hand digit in a pattern number (see the pattern list on your instruction sheet).

While the unit is turned ON, press and hold the user input button on the bottom of the MCU and LED1 and LED2 will flash like this:

LED1, LED2, pause, LED1, LED2

That is the MCU telling us that it is currently set to play pattern 1-1. Here is another example of pattern numbers - If the Lights had flashed like this:

LED1, LED1, LED1, LED2, LED2, pause, LED1, LED1, LED1, LED2, LED2

Then the MCU would be telling us that it was currently set to play pattern 3-2.


After the MCU tells you the currently selected pattern information, it will dimly light up LED1 waiting on you to either press the button to change the left-hand digit of the pattern number (its currently on 1), or you can wait a couple of seconds for LED1 to turn off and then LED2 will dimly light up (if you want the left-hand digit to stay on 1). If you want to change the digit, you’ll have to work quickly because it will go to the next step in a couple of seconds if you don’t press the button.

You’ll need to repeat what I just told you for the right-hand digit of the pattern number. Once you’re finished, the MCU will flash the lights again to tell you what pattern you have selected, and then it will immediately play the selected pattern. You’re done.


Here’s an example of starting at pattern 1-1 (default) and selecting pattern 4-3:

1. Hold the button down on the unit until LED1 and LED2 get finished flashing the current pattern number (LED1, LED2, pause, LED1, LED2), and allow LED1 to light up dimly.
2. Press the button 3 times allowing enough time between presses for you press to be registered by the MCU (it will count along with you by flashing LED1). You now have the left-hand digit on 4.
3. Do nothing. Allow enough time to pass (usually 2 seconds) for LED1 to go off and LED2 to light up dimly.
4. Press the button 2 times allowing enough time between presses for you press to be registered by the MCU (it will count along with you by flashing LED2). You now have the right-hand digit on 3.
5. Do nothing. The unit will “time out” and flash the pattern you just selected once (LED1, LED1, LED1, LED1, LED2, LED2, LED2)
6. You’re done. It should now be playing pattern number 4-3.


Special note:

All patterns have different speeds, brightness settings, or different pattern styles. To access these features, simply do this:

While a pattern is playing, quickly press and release the user button to cycle through the different available options. Pattern 1-1 has different brightness settings, for example.